About Us:
After 20yrs of Traffic Safety education Richard Munro founded Munros’ Driving Instruction at the request of his daughter Misty. "It would be great if you started your own driving school and taught my friends and me”, she said. We started with 5 students and now 20 years later we have taught over 6,000 students to safely share our roads.

Throughout the years Munros’ Driving has successfully maintained their mission and vision of training safe, confident drivers. As a family owned private driving school serving South King County, Munros’ has strived to deliver the highest quality of driving instruction.

Our instructors Sue Ness and Steve Wood have combined 20 yrs instructing experience. In total we have 40 yrs of drivers training experience.

We have never been content with our teaching methods and are constantly seeking new ways to reach all our students. We are proud of our contribution to producing safe and responsible drivers.

We are also very happy to welcome Lynn, our new office manager. You will find her able to efficiently assist with any of your needs.

We are proud of our insturction and our instructors, and our long history of outstanding drivers instructio